Medical Media Communications (Scientific) is the dedicated medical communication agency of Radcliffe Group Ltd, a specialist cardiovascular publisher and media company based in the UK.The founders of The Radcliffe Group collectively have over 25 years STM journal publishing experience. Passionate about medical education and digital publishing, they are highly experienced in STM publishing.


David Ramsey, CEO
David co-founded The Radcliffe Group and has over 17 years STM publishing experience. He was previously Managing Director for Touch Group Plc where he oversaw the publication of review journals in 15 areas of medicine, at a rate of 60 issues per year. David is passionate about digital publishing and innovation.

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Liam O’Neil, COO
Liam co-founded The Radcliffe Group and has over 12 years’ experience in publishing and media communications and has strong subject knowledge in this field. His role is focused on ensuring that all content is produced to the highest publishing standards and is responsible for management of the editorial teams.

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Rob Barclay, Sales Director

With 10 years’ experience in medical communications and STM publishing, Rob has experience of working with most of the world’s tier-1 pharmaceutical companies. Rob seeks to explore his client’s challenges and devise bespoke solutions to overcome these challenges as efficiently and effectively as possible.

David Bradbury, Key Account Director

David has spent most of his career in conferences and exhibitions, producing large scale live events for the b2b community. Over the last 8 years, David has worked with clients to understand and meet their objectives to offer engaging content with a clear return on investment. He specializes in bespoke sponsorship opportunities, live events and digital offerings.

Sarah Eaton, Senior Account Director

With nearly 10 years’ experience in medical communications, Sarah has developed a unique combination of editorial and strategic communications expertise. Heading up the medical communications department of Radcliffe Group Ltd, Sarah is responsible for the development and delivery of innovative medical educational programmes. Her focus is on ensuring that the team delivers on brief, to budget and beyond expectations.

Greg Guillory, Scientific Director

Greg is a former Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy Practice at the University of Louisiana, specializing in cardiovascular disease and heart failure. With over 10 years’ experience in various functions of pharmaceutical medical affairs, including Global Scientific Communications Lead and Global Cardiovascular Franchise lead; he has extensive publication planning experience and has been involved with multiple CV product launches including in heart failure.

Mike Knight, Head of Audio Visual (AV)

With expertise in video production, editing and live streaming, Mike leads our AV capabilities across the Radcliffe Group Ltd to offer bespoke and high quality digital content delivery for our clients. He is responsible for the companies server solutions and manages our AWS cloud based server.

Leiah Norcott, Publishing & Editorial Director

With 11 years’ experience in print and digital publishing, Leiah oversees the development of the scientific journals for Radcliffe Cardiology and Radcliffe Vascular and supports content development and delivery of our online educational content.